eCommerce SEO

Our team delivers specialized eCommerce SEO Marketing services designed to enhance your online presence.

Increase Your Online Retail Sales With SEO That’s Catered Towards Your Prospective Customers

Enhancing your website and product pages with rich, informative content can significantly improve your online search results and attract more customers.

Optimize Your Website With Marketing SEO Geared Towards Increasing Your Online Visibility

We can conduct keyword research and implement a comprehensive technical SEO setup to elevate your website’s rankings on Google’s search engine.

Learn More About Adding Relevant eCommerce
SEO-Based Content To Your Website


Website Design

Our Comprehensive Website SEO Setup


We identify your keywords and
phrases that people search for and we
optimize your website content for
better online visibility.

Title + Meta SEO

Crafting keywords-based Title + Meta
descriptions is crucial for improving
click-through rates from search engine

Home Page SEO

We optimize your Home page structure
and content to help your website rank
higher in search engine results.

Inside Pages

Further, we can enhance the structure
and content of your inside pages to
further boost your site’s search engine

H & Alt Tags

Incorporating relevant H1 to H4 tags and
descriptive Alt text improves accessibility
and SEO performance.

Schema Code

Implementing Schema markup code assists
search engines in understanding your
website’s key information better.

Local SEO

Local search optimization targets
prospective clientele based on proximity
to your physical location.

Google Analytics &
Search Console

Setting up Google Analytics and Search
Console is essential for monitoring your
website’s performance and
understanding end user behavior.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Practice With
eCommerce SEO Marketing?

Advanced SEO

We offer one-time Advanced SEO packages aimed at optimizing both your technical SEO setup and content-based marketing SEO.

The process begins with a comprehensive audit aimed at identifying any gaps in your website setup and adding a keywords-based website structure.

Next, we add eCommerce SEO marketing content in the form of additional service pages, landing pages and/or blog posts.

Ongoing Monthly SEO

Our ongoing SEO packages are tailored specifically for your medical specialty, focusing on regularly adding new eCommerce SEO marketing content to your website.

This continuous strategy ensures your site remains relevant, updated, and capable of attracting and retaining targeted website traffic.

Discover how content-based eCommerce SEO can boost your lead generation results with an ongoing SEO marketing package.

We Have Different SEO Options to Choose From

Basic SEO

Included With Website

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Advanced SEO

Starting at $1,850

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Ongoing SEO

Starting at $450/month

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Keywords / Key Phrases Research
Lead Generation Analysis
Title + Meta Data Optimization
H & Alt Tags
Schema Coding
Site Speed Optimization
XML Sitemap & Submission
Google My Business Optimization
Directory Listings for Local SEO
Local Search Radius Analytics
Google Analytics & Search Console Setup
Posting of New Blogs for SEO

We Offer Ongoing Monthly SEO Packages

Our Monthly SEO packages start at
$450/month, mostly depending on
the healthcare specialty and amount
of content added per month.

Ongoing New Monthly Content Creation For Organic Search Optimization
Local Map-Based Search Optimization
Search Console & Google Analytics Monitoring
Technical SEO Website Audits
Social Media Marketing
PPC Advertising (Additional Cost)


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website with search keywords, SEO coding and relevant content, so that your website can reach higher rankings in the search results on Google and Bing.

Why is Healthcare SEO important?

Healthcare SEO is comprised of both technical website coding and publishing informative content about relevant, keywords-based healthcare topics for prospective clients on Google or Bing. This also leads to higher website rankings on search engine results, gives better website visibility and increases your website traffic, ultimately increasing your new patient leads.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

There’s no definitive answer as SEO outcomes vary based on the level of competition in the search results and also on your level of SEO investment. However, after a SEO content boost, and particularly with adding relevant content on a regular basis, you will typically see results in 2 to 3 months.

Is SEO a one-time thing?

SEO is an ongoing strategy due to competitors continuously adding more relevant content, constant updates in Google’s algorithms, and the changing nature of search keywords.

What is the difference between Organic Search results and PPC Advertising?

Organic Search results are the listings of web pages that appear as a result of the search engine’s algorithms. Paid (PPC) results, in contrast, are advertisements.

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